Tsuno Organic Tampons - Regular

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Tsuno Organic Tampons - Regular
Tsuno Organic Tampons - Regular
Tsuno Organic Tampons - Regular

I love Tsuno but I couldn't try them for ages because they're an Australian brand and for all the environmental savings of the tampons I'd lose in the shipping but now - NOW - you can buy them right here on EMB without the insane shipping. 

Organic cotton tampons are important because for years we have been sold chemically rich, plastic covered tampons from the big names without any alternative option. The traditional tampons would leak toxic chemicals into your body contributing to infertility and cancer. 

Enter Tsuno:

  • Made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton
  • Chlorine and dioxin bleach free
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging
  • 50% of profits donated to One Girl

Each pack comes with 16 non-applicator tampons for regular flow