String Grocery Bag

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String Grocery Bag
String Grocery Bag

Shop like Monica Green with this string mesh grocery bag! TBH I have about 1,000 branded canvas bags because they’ve started a colony under my sink and are now breeding but if this isn’t the case for you then definitely get your hands on this piece of super sick 90s memorabilia. 

Just remember not to enter into any personal knowledge bets with your friends as it’ll probably end with you moving out and sleeping in a ball on the floor!

Its reusable, natural, recyclable and because the liberals will see that you aren’t using any plastic bags they will secretly drop vegan quinoa cakes in there when you aren’t looking. Win win.

 I haven’t actually used this item because of my aforementioned tote colony so let me know your reviews and I’ll share!

Buy because:

- No need for plastic bags (obv)

- Can be squashed to fit inside another bag you already own (no judgement here)

- 90s revival is having SUCH a moment right now 

Don’t buy because:

- You already have a multiplying collection of totes, bags for life and collapsible bags

- It’s aaaall about the Y2K revival thanks

By the way, this also came in red and green but I don't like 


- Color: White.
- Material: Polyester, cotton.
- Size: 32 * 38cm(L * W).
- Style: Reusable Shopping Bag.