Plastic Free Periods!

Anna Butterworth

OMG this has been one of my favourite weeks of the year!


Not my birthday, definitely not Christmas, no this week was #PeriodAction week from the Women’s Environmental Network!! I know right.


The WEN has been working on feminist solutions to environmental issues for decades and this year the #PeriodAction week had a specific focus on reducing the plastic waste that come with menstrual products.


Over the course of our lifetime we can expect to throw away around 10,000 tampons, sanitary towels, and the plastic associated with them. The Plastic Free Period campaign is working to educate the consumer on the environmental impact of our periods but also to influence the retailers and brands to chance their products to be more eco friendly and to reduce the amount of plastic associated with them.


In addition to the environmental waste, menstrual products have traditionally been filled with chemicals, bleach and other toxic products that we are shoving into the most highly absorbent part of our bodies. It’s no coincidence that infertility has risen with the increase in toxic tampon usage.


In recent years I have worked with a number of awesome women’s brands that have created innovative, and comfortable alternatives to our monthly needs and I want to take this as an opportunity to share some of my favourites here. From today I am now selling a whole range of different period products that are plastic free, organic, natural, reusable and eco-loving.


The first has to always be NatraCare – you are probably already aware of the brand and will have seen it in the supermarket for years, but how much do you know about them? Started in 1989, way before it was cool to be eco, Natra Care is the worlds biggest organic and natural tampon brand and has been a pioneer in the field ever since.


The entire range is not only plastic free and organic but it’s also fully biodegradable which means that instead of putting your tampon in the bin you can put it in your compost and It will decompose completely. WINWINWIN! Buy your Natra Care items here.


Now, my only niggling issue with Natra Care is that it’s made with Cotton which is a terribly wasteful crop that takes an insane amount of water and is credited with a significant diversion of water where it’s a primary crop. For those who want something a bit different I’m also selling Tsuno, 100% Organic Bamboo tampons and sanitary towels.


If you want to reduce your wastage altogether then the next thing to try is a MoonCup – the reusable silicone cup that collects the blood for up to 12 hours. I haven’t tried a cup yet so I’m not stocking them online until I do but if you know you want one you can pick it up here.


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