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Plastic Free Periods!

Anna Butterworth

I'm finally stocking Plastic Free and Organic Period Products on the site! Read up on my experience during #PeriodAction week run by the Women's Environmental Network and what products I've chosen to be the first eco menstrual management on Everything Made Better. 

How to transition to toxic-free products

How I'm transitioning to a toxic free home plus my tips and guidance on how to start your toxic reduction journey

Shop with a guilt-free conscience!

Anna Butterworth

Oh heeeeyy! Welcome to Everything Made Better where we give you better alternatives to everyday products.  Here you will find products that are reusable, sustainable, non-toxic,  biodegradable, compostable and just plain gorgeous. I have tried everything myself or had someone I trust give it a go so you will find practical information about the items as well as the personal. BUT this space is for you so please, please, please tell me what you think of the things you bought from here and let me know if anything needs to change. I want this to be an open forum where you...

A little disclaimer about how all this works

Anna Butterworth

I have been working hard to find you the best, and lowest impact, products to stock here but for that to happen I have stock from a few different suppliers. If you purchase multiple products from here then I can't guarantee that they will all be supplied from the same place so I'm really sorry if they come in separate packages - this is the beginning of hopefully a long road for EMB so I'll be able to smooth this out in time!  With that in mind, if you have any difficulties or problems with your order you can reach...

So where did EMB come from?

Anna Butterworth

I created EMB when I was 6 years old though it didn't manifest into a tangible shop until I was 31!  I could just see, even then, that there were so many products created just for the sake of it. For the sake of profit, and for the sake of growth and I wanted a space where it's possible to find worthwhile products that work without waste, toxicity or pain.  As a conscious consumer I began to look for products that would leave less landfill waste, produce fewer toxins for our oceans and that could be reused, without being regularly replaced. It...